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Interior Design is giving purpose and function to space and improving the built environment and therefore improving people's lives.

A well-designed interior space improves living conditions, functionality and quality of space.

An inadequate design and poorly planned space will have a direct impact on the functions and the lives of those inhabiting that space for years to come.

It is a science and an experienced interior designer will hold your hand and guide you through the process.


In collaboration with trusted local trades together we can offer a full architectural plan and build service.

  • Working with experts in each field
  • Space planning & project timeline management
  • Full project management, service and
  • delivery

Andrea holds a number of accreditations and awards for design & customer service, has a keen eye for attention to detail and is customer focused.

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  • Building your project timeline, and keeping all stakeholders up to date and on track
  • Checking site regularly during the build phase, to ensure the build team is on track
  • Owning furniture sourcing, planning and spatial layouts
  • Managing the furniture fit out, including carrying out the style & finish with artwork and accessories, inline with the design
  • Final sign off of the budget and total project quality


There are many ways of bringing your personality alive in your home one of which is bespoke furnishings.  As well as the bespoke cabinetry services we offer, we work with several suppliers who will customise sofas, chairs and beds in almost any fabric and colour you need.

These services are only accessible through trade accounts therefore please get in touch for more details.


Our world has changed and sustainability is no longer something we simply discuss. We all need to be part of the circular vision and consider how we can repurpose pieces we cherish.  That might be a family heirloom, an investment piece from years before that simply needs a facelift to make it work.  With the help of amazing, skilled and very talented craftsmen we work with we can restore and repurpose some of your old furniture or make suggestions of where you sell them to ensure they go on to new homes where they can be loved & cherished by someone else for years to come.


Have you always wanted the type of home you see in magazines and on Pinterest? Do you have lots of ideas, know what you like but simply keep stumbling at the first hurdle in terms of how to bring it all together? Coming soon………interior design coaching to hold your hand through the process & how to avoid the pitfalls.

Please use our contact page if you would like any information in the meantime.